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11/2006 Press Release

The BoatNanny is seeking dealers in USA and abroad. Great locations available.

Boat Alarms Boat Security

The BoatNanny™
Boat Alarm System Monitors:

High Water Alarm
AC/DC Power
Temperature in Cabin/Engine
Onboard Fire/Smoke Alarm
Motion & Intruders
Audio Levels
(listen in on cabin's activities)

The BoatNanny™
is a wireless plug n’ go remote boat alarm system that anyone can install in less than 30 minutes. When an alarm is activated, the systems will text message your cell phone and/or send you an email. The system communicates to you anywhere cell phone coverage exists.

The BoatNanny™ is a wireless portable system and not a fixed hard wired system, it can also be used to monitor your home, cottage, business, plane, RV and camper.

The BoatNanny - Boat Alarm Security Monitoring System

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The BoatNanny™ Alarm System sends vital information to your portable devices
The BoatNanny - Boat Security Monitoring System Sends Vital Data To Your Computer, PDA and Cell PhoneLaptopPDACell Phone
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